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Make a Good Impression with High-quality Four-color Envelopes

For quantities of 250 to 10,000, our high-quality mailing envelopes of all sizes help you keep your important promotional and everyday business mailings on schedule. Quick online ordering, 5-day turnaround, and custom printing are available for all eight of our different sizes and styles, including #10 window envelopes and 6” x 9” and 9” x 12” booklet envelopes – all with available 4-color or black and white printing on 24# paper stock. Other sizes include #10 (business size), A2, A6, A7 and #9 remittance envelopes.

Our envelope printing is professional and affordable. All of your correspondence (invoices, letters, statements, newsletters) should be going out in a full-color printed envelope. Let our designers help you design yours today.

Some Common Questions:

What is a #9 Remit Envelope?

A remit envelope is a style of envelope where the flap is the same height as the envelope, sealing at the bottom. The extended flap gives additional space for information, messaging and reply forms. They are typically used for supplying payment information, while info is safely sealed under the flap. The envelope also allows for cash or checks to be returned. A #9 Envelope measures 7.75 x 8.875 flat, and folds down to 3.875 x 8.875 when sealed.

How do you use a #9 Remit Envelope?

When seeking payments or donations, #9 Remit envelopes are a self-contained tool. With plenty of space for messaging, in addition to payment information forms, they are easy for recipients to use. Simply complete the form, add payment information, insert payment if applicable, and return.

What material is used to make a #9 Remit envelope?

Remit envelopes are typically produced on 24# uncoated stock, which is perfect for writing and traveling through the postal service. For smaller needs, #6.75 Remit Envelopes can be used alternatively.

What makes a good #9 Remit envelope?

Remit envelopes in essence are a way to ask for money, so a good remit envelope not only makes it easy for someone to do so, but also gives them a reason to donate. A #9 Remit Envelope offers space for both messaging and payment form, so using these together can make a valuable tool.

  1. Eye-catching designs: Choose text and graphics that are easy to read and allow for clear messaging. Return forms should be placed so that no information is cut off once the envelope is sealed, and there is space to complete them.
  2. Proper placement: In addition to be used in mailings for return payments, properly placing them in areas where people are apt to donate can be a smart use of this simple donation tool.
  3. Offer Valuable Information: Give people a reason to donate to a cause. A good story, information about a nonprofit, or graphs sharing donation information are all helpful on a remit envelope to encourage donations. If an organization is set up to do so, consider adding a business reply prepaid panel so donors can just drop in the mail without the addition of a stamp.
  4. Less is More: Keep stories and information succinct to make a point and then encourage readers to donate. Information should be quick and easy to read.

Where do you use an #9 Remit envelope?

While commonly used as part of donation or payment mailings, there are many other effeivce ways to use a remit envelope. Making them readily available in any location a passerby may be apt to donate makes donations easy. They can be seen in religious organizations, national parks, trailheads, museums, festivals, events, animal shelters and at an organization hoping to share their story and fundraise.